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Desktop Themes

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Looks like cool Bugs has finally roped mean ol Taz. Has Taz and Bugs sounds, icons, cursors.
Taz is getting married, and Bugs Bunny is the preacher doing the job? Yes, take a look and see. Includes icons, Bugs and Taz wave sounds, blue color scheme.
This time most all the major Looney Tunes characters are
here in a very cool desktop theme, including a saver, fonts, icons, sounds from several characters.
Great picture of Taz going for a touchdown and all the looney guys trying to stop him. Has lots of great sounds of Taz.
Taz is all geared up in leather riding his cycle through town looking for trouble.Has Taz sounds,icons, and blue tech cursors.
Great picture of Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam, Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny and of course Taz. Has a different Taz song and lots of sounds. Plus great animated cursors.
Wonderful picture of Taz chained to a computer. Music by Kid Rock Only God Knows also lots of great Taz sounds.
Ooops-loks like unlucky Taz has been thrown off the plane without a chute.Has Taz sounds,icons,and color cursors.
Looks like Taz and his bride are ready to celebrate being all alone in their hideaway.This includes a few different fonts,plus all the other good theme stuff.

Click on the thumbnail to see the large image.  Once the
wallpaper loads up you may right click and select set as wallpaper.

All Wallpapers are 800x600 except the first one.


Taz & Bugs

Thanks to Holly's Taz Page for some of the wallpapers.

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